Google Docs

Google Docs

Google, Inc.
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Google Docs
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Google Docs review

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About Google Docs

With Google Docs, users can easily create documents, edit existing documents, and share them with others.

Google Docs is a true all-rounder app for working with documents of all kinds. With the help of the app, you can not only create new documents, but also edit existing documents. Since you can share documents with other users and add your own comments, collaborating on a document becomes very easy. In the app, documents of all file types can be opened and edited, for example, also Word documents.

Google Docs - Features:

  • Create documents: With Google Docs, you can easily create new documents on your smartphone or tablet. Simply press the + symbol to open a new document.
  • Edit documents: In addition to creating documents, Google Docs allows you to open and edit existing documents. It does not matter if the document was created on the Internet or on a PC. Make individual corrections, reformat the document, or just continue writing where you stopped last time.
  • Share documents with others: With Google Docs, collaborating on a document will be very easy in the future. To collaborate with other users, you simply have to share the document with specific people. Once you have done this, these people will then have access to the document and can make changes. In addition, you can also add comments to the document, which can be answered directly by other users.
  • Saves automatically: Since Google Docs automatically saves the document while you make your entries, you'll never lose any corrections or edits.
  • Working with Word documents: With Google Docs you can work with all document types. For example, also Word documents can be opened, edited and saved easily.
  • Also available offline: In order that you can work on your documents even without an Internet connection, Google Docs allows you to make individual documents available offline. Because of that, you're never bound to a location while working.

Conclusion: Google Docs makes it easy to work with documents of all kinds. It opens and edits all types of documents, including Word documents. Plus, the app makes it easy for you to collaborate on a document with other users at the same time.

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Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Docs
Rating: 4.5
Number of voters: 80220
Minimum iOS Version: 9.0
App Version: 1.2017.48212
App Size: 203 MB
Release: 2014-04-30
Sold by: Google, Inc.
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: AF, SQ, AM, AR, HY, AZ, EU, BE, BN, BG, KM, CA, ZH, HR, CS, DA, NL, EN, ET, FI, FR, GL, KA, DE, EL, GU, HE, HI, HU, IS, ID, IT, JA, KN, KK, KO, LO, LV, LT, MS, ML, MR, MN, NE, NO, NB, FA, PL, PT, PA, RO, RU, SR, ZH, SI, SK, SL, ES, SW, SV, TA, TE, TH, ZH, TR, UK, UR, VI, ZU
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