Word Swag - Cool Fonts

Word Swag - Cool Fonts

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Word Swag - Cool Fonts
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Word Swag - Cool Fonts review

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About Word Swag

With Word Swag, users can create unique designs for their texts. There are numerous backgrounds available for this, which were created by graphic designers.

Word Swag combines your text with a beautiful background. To design such a picture-text work of art, you simply have to select a background, enter your text and select one of 48 text styles. Then the app automatically creates a great design for your text. All backgrounds that are available in the app were designed by graphic designers. In addition, since there are many text effects available, you can always design your text-image design exactly as you like.

Word Swag - Features:

  • Create unique designs: With Word Swag you can stage your texts creatively. The app combines your text with stylish backgrounds created by graphic designers. To create a unique design for your text, you just have to follow a few steps. Choose a background, enter your text and choose one of the 48 different text styles. After you done that, the app automatically creates a great design for your text. If you do not like the design the app proposes to you, you can get five more suggestions. Since the app does not work with templates, but always with new and especially for you selected designs, you will definitely find the right design for your text.
  • Get inspired: If you do not know which text you want to turn into a great design, you can also be inspired by Word Swag which provides many quotes and texts. Browse the large selection and maybe you will find the right quote for you.
  • Use text effects: To give your text designs that certain something, you can use many different text effects. Decide whether your text should be written in a gold script, for example, or words should be stamped on the design or whether it should look like the text was written in watercolors.
  • Share your designs: You can share your design on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Impress your friends with your creativity.

Conclusion: With Word Swag you can create great designs for your texts in an instant. You have many filters, effects, custom backgrounds and text templates to choose from, so that your design possibilities are endless.

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4 of 5 Gameplay
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Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Word Swag - Cool Fonts
Rating: 5.0
Number of voters: 11028
Minimum iOS Version: 7.0
App Version: 2.2.2
App Size: 126 MB
Release: 2013-05-27
Sold by: Oringe Inc.
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: EN
Sorry, no android data available
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